How We Got Started

Sunrise Brewing Co. was born when two friends, Jack and Kelly, realized they shared one very common interest: exploring the ever-growing community of microbreweries that Vancouver had to offer. However, they noticed that their home neighbourhood of Hastings-Sunrise was one of the few major areas to not host a brewery. Eighteen months later, Sunrise Brewing Co. opened their doors.

2 men admiring their pint of beer | Credit: Elevate, Unsplash

Our Process

What separates Sunrise from other breweries? Though we are very proud of the Vancouver beer community, we pride ourselves on using only local ingredients. What does that mean exactly? Well it means 100% of our hops, grain and yeast are sourced from farmers in the lower mainland.

Hops | Credit: Markus Spiske, Unsplash

Our Team

We are a family of friends here at Sunrise. Everything we do, we do as a team. Our employees are the best at what they do and we couldn't be more proud. No one is here by accident. We look for three specific qualities when hiring: passion, work ethic and attitude. We want people who love what they do and love feeling a part of a process. We are proud to provide exceptional benefits to our entire staff. We believe happy workers do a better job. Life is sunnier here at Sunrise Brewery!

- Jack & Kelly,
Sunrise Brewing Co.

Women hooking up hose to Beer Kettle | Credit: Kat Maryschuk, Unsplash